• [Aura Cribs] Housing System is almost here!

    Notices - 2 months ago

    A new and very important addition is coming to aurakingdom.to this October! While we wait for the introduction of the much awaited housing system, you can have a sneak-peek of all the potential of this brand new feature.

    Check Aura's House!

  • Paragon Raffle!

    Notices - 3 months ago

    One of your biggest dreams will finally come true: To make your own custom Paragon Table! Its easy to participate, and like in life and in Paragon, you will only need some luck. If you are the lucky winner, you will be able to choose all the items from our next Paragon Table!

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  • [Story-Writting Contest] Eidolon's Secret!

    Notices - 3 months ago

    There's a lot of things about our lovely eidolons that are still a mystery. Why Aelius finally decided to reveal his face? What's the secret Uriel and Uzuriel share? Is Chronos a girl, or a boy? Why is Fenrir always so hungry, and Seriff so popular between the ladies? These are only a few of Azuria's unsolved questions, but now with your help, we may finally get an answer!

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  • Time to Catch Up!

    Notices - 3 months ago

    With the introduction of new content, there's more challenges to complete at our server. Wanna be the first one with level 80 gear or the first level 90 character in our server? This is the opportunity! But it's also the opportunity to start playing and catching up with older players.

    DOUBLE EXP EVENT: Available until September 7th!

    DOUBLE CONSUMABLES PARAGON: With fortification packs, leveling items, sprites, fortification scrolls, buffs, and much more! Available until September 9th.


  • New Content Arrival!

    Notices - 3 months ago

    Ready to hit the new cap? A new challenge is introduced to our players: Two new 75+ maps (Greensea Plains and WildWind Valley), new level 80 weapons and armors, new level 90 cap, four new dungeons (Ruins Cellar / Otherworld Emerald Marsh / Greedy Abyss / Twlight Jungle) and the brand new penetration system for level 80+ content! All available at aurakingdom.to since September 1st.

  • Server's Maintenance on August 12th

    Notices - 4 months ago

    The fan base will have plenty to be hyped about on this week's maintenance! Some of your long-dreamed wishes are finally coming true. Want to be carried by Bahamut? Want to dress up as Athena? Or to put your hands on that awesome Bahamut's 3rd evolution form's uniform? All that will be possible, and even more, since the new eidolon Won will also become available!

    Check the images on the new Items!

  • [Paragon Table] Player's Choice Vol. II

    Notices - 4 months ago

    Once again, you ask and we deliver! This week, our players will be able to choose the items they want to see in our Paragon Table until August 12. Voting is pretty simple, and the most popular items will be available ingame in our next maintenance!

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  • CBT Applications OPEN!

    Notices - 4 months ago

    Hello azurians! New content is coming to aurakingdom.to very soon. New maps, new dungeons and equipment and a new level cap will be added this month! And if you want to help us get it tested, this is your chance. To sign up to our Closed Beta, just visit our forums!

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  • Double EXP Weekend!

    Notices - 6 months ago

    From today and until June 8th, all monster's killing, slashing, butchering, and massive destruction will benefit from double EXP of our custom rates! Put those EXP items to use, and raise to the maximum level in no time with our special event!

  • [Paragon Table] Bring Them Back Vol. II

    Notices - 7 months ago

    Which items you want to see in the Paragon Table? For a very special yet limited promotion, you will be able to choose the items for our next Paragon Table on Wednesday's maintenance. What it will be? Don't forget to vote!

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  • [Ingame Event] Miori's Item Hunt

    Notices - 10 months ago

    Are you an expert farmer? On February 7th at 5pm -server time- our Game Sage Miori has a special challenge for all of our players. She will ask you for a large list of items you have to collect for her. The first one to get them all, will win amazing prizes!

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  • [Anniversary Event] Share and Like Raffle!

    Notices - 10 months ago

    Join our Facebook site, and share our picture on the wall! By helping our server grow, you get the chance of winning exclusive fashion items. On February 10th, we will raffle x10 Incandescent Wings and x10 Night Bird Wings among all the contestants.

  • [Anniversary Events] Let's Get the Party Started!

    Notices - 10 months ago

    On this February 15th, our Server is turning one year old! And to celebrate this special birthday, we have a lot of events planned for our players. The party starts early this month, and February will be filled with surprises! So don't miss the opportunity to win amazing prizes.

    Check All of our Events Here!

  • Happy Holidays!

    Notices - 11 months ago

    From behalf of all the AuraKingdom Online staff, we want to wish our players a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you all for your company and enjoy the special time of the year with your beloved ones, inside and outside the game!

    Happy Holidays!

  • [Paragon Table] Bring It Back - End of the Year Edition!

    Notices - 12 months ago

    The year is almost ending, and to celebrate the adventures we had together, we will bring back to the game some of your favorite items. And this time, it will be your choice! We ask our players to nominate their 3 favorite Paragon Table since the server started. Only in a few more days, you will able to vote for them and see htem ingame!

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  • Black Friday Special Promo!

    Notices - 1 year ago

    In order to celebrate this Black Friday, www.aurakingdom.to brings a special promotion to all of our AP spenders. On November 28th, from 00:01 (server time) to 23:59 (server time) ALL Paydrake cards submitted in our website will receive a 25% bonus coins, despite of the amount and the system to get them.

  • [Ingame Event] Miori's Halloween Party!

    Notices - 1 year ago

    On October 31th, the world of Azuria will get scarier than ever. Miori have all kind of events planned, to celebrate the most spooky day of the year! Monster Trivias, Costume Contests, Drinks and Food for our guest... and even a very unusual Hide and Seek! From 4pm (server time) all of your players are invited to join us.

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  • [Ingame Event] The Halloween Festival!

    Notices - 1 year ago

    Find our favorite witch Endora in the Holy City of Navea, she has great surprises prepared for you in this Halloween! Until November 3rd, the witch will transform you into an eidolon upon your own request. But she won't be the only one making an appearence! Every four hours, you will be able to battle the Dark Lords for amazing prizes: Keys of Gaia, Permanent Mounts, Loyalty, and even Custom Outfits!

    More Info

  • [Designing Contest] The Presenter!

    Notices - 1 year ago

    Are you wishing to have a more leading role in our community? Well, this is your opportunity to take the spotlight. For one day, you'll know exactly what it feels like to be a part of our Staff: we will ask you for your help to design the perfect event for the whole community. And you won't only be rewarded for your work, you'll be a part of the Judging Process!

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  • [Screenshot Contest] Eidolon Portrait

    Notices - 1 year ago

    Halloween is a special time of the year to dress-up. Of course, the end-date for the Holiday is closely arriving, and we want more than memories to remember it. So how it has been to transform into an Eidolon? Instead of telling us, we want you to show us. And in reward, there's nothing better we could give you than an Eidolon of your own choice.

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